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In memoriam: Prof. Dr. Cornel Radut .....

am rasfoit pagini uitate de acum cca. 20 de ani.....

si l-am intalnit pe Cornel Radut, fost secretar general al FRN pe cand eram eu sportiv, apoi a trecut la Canotaj academic si rezultatele au inceput sa apara [& Coca Florescu, Victor Mociani, Dany Popper], apoi ca cercetator la o insitutie cu rezultate deosebite in cercetarea stiintifica sportiva [Pierre de Hillerin &]

Din paginile scanate se va putea vedea ideia centrala a sportului de mare performanta : VARSTA
si felul cum apare ea la diferite discipline sportive, antrenorii de inot, colegii mei mai tineri pot lua notite, iata-le:


Thursday, December 27, 2012

RETRO... dar merge: LA MULTI ANI

miercuri, 1 decembrie 2010

Doua mari probleme....

1 Decembrie....:
T.Vladimirtescu:"Patria este Poporul 
nu tagma jefuitorilor...!"  
click aici +Google translate"La multi ani Patrie draga !"
...... In sportul mondial se contureaza 2 probleme mari, 
situate la extreme: sportul ca debut si prestatia sportiva de top.In ceea ce priveste 'debutu' sunt controverse rezultate din 
Organizare si motivatiile generate de aceasta.... 
la extrema cealalta, la cap. Pregatire, nu mai sunt prea mari 
probleme dar ramane un cap. plin de mister si incertitudini:  
"sustinerea si refacerea dupa efort" pentru a supracompensa 
organismul ce se vrea in top [ in acest domeniu noi am avut un 
reprezentat stralucit, pe Prof. Dr. Ioan Dragan, FINA-Medical 
Com/Dep. anti-doping, omagiat in doua randuri de acest inalt for international cu argint si aur, asa cum se obisnuieste la sportivi ...., 
D-zeu Sa-l odihneasca].Aici exista si empirism, traditii si sfaturi 'babesti' dar si multa 
cercetare stiintifica, de regula chiar foarte secreta !In acest 'bol' de cunoastere, tin sa remarc deschiderea, 
aproape genetica a specialistilor de origine slava 
[ei 'spun' tot...] spre deosebire de ceilalti [in care exista 
si exceptii , ca cel de mai jos ....]Este greu sa faci performanta reusita ? 
Este un mirocol sa obtii 2 medalii de aur la o singura 
editie JO si apoi sa 'clachezi' aproape inremedibil 
[ la CES Eindhoven , nu am avut nici o participare...] ?Sportul de performanta are nevoie de meseriasi profesionisti, 
total dedicati si nu de politrugi !Inotul sa faca abstractie de politrugi, sa-i ignore dar sa-i 
'infranga' prin rezultate incontestabile care sa nu poate 
i apreciate decat OBIECTIV !

Traducere din Română în Engleză by Google translate

December 1 ....:T. Vladimirescu: "Homeland is not caste people looters ...!" click here"Happy Birthday dear motherland!"====================...... In the sports world two issues looming large, situated at the extreme: the Beginning and the sport's top sports performance.Regarding the 'beginning' is controversy arising from this organization and motivation .... At the other extreme, to the head. Training, there are great problems but remains a chapter full of mystery and uncertainty "and support the recovery effort" over-compensate for what the body wants the top [in this area we had a brilliantly represented, Prof. Dr. Ioan Dragan, FINA-Medical Com / Dep. Anti-Doping honored in two rows of this international organization with high silver and gold, as is customary in athletes ...., God rest him].Here there and empiricism, traditions and advice 'Babesia' but more scientific research, usually very, verry secret!In this 'bowl' of knowledge, I must mention the opening of Slavic specialists, almost genetics [they 'say' anything from them learn more ...] unlike the others [where there are exceptions, like the one below ....]It is hard to make successful performance? It is a miracle to get two gold medals at a single edition of OJ and then not be able to do so, almost inremedibil [CES Eindhoven, we have not had any participation ...]?Sport performance needs of professional tradesmen, totally committed and not politrugs!Swimming to ignore the politrugs, but to ignore her 'defeat' by compelling results that can not be assessed only object with the timer!


Creatine: the secret behind boosting muscle

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 11:57 AM
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"mircea olaru"
Merhaba folks!
There’s absolutely no question that one of the most interesting and complex fields in sports science is that of sports nutrition. There’s a lot of absolute nonsense spouted by irresponsible people, particularly on the internet, all with the aim of selling pills. Many of these pills are about as useful as taking tic tacs and in some cases they can be harmful. The sports nutrition industry is enormous and there are plenty of products promising huge gains in muscle mass and sporting performance without have to lift a weight.
I thought therefore that I’d just talk briefly about the two supplements for which there is the most scientific rationale (outside carbohydrates and protein). They are creatine and beta-alanine (BA).
"The main effect of both creatine and BA is that they enable you to complete more work, which in turn makes you stronger. But remember, they won’t make you stronger on their own!"
Creatine is perhaps the most effective ergogenic (performance enhancing) nutritional supplement currently available to athletes in terms of their ability to sustain high-intensity exercise and in improving lean body mass during training. It is particular relevant to sports such as rugby, rowing and field athletics and has been shown to increase maximal strength values in resistance-trained athletes.
There have been a couple of proposed reasons for this improvement in muscular performance. By increasing bodily reserves of creatine, supplementation is thought to:
  • enhance the phosphagen energy system’s ability to provide ATP (the body’s energy currency) to the working muscles, thus allowing an increased capacity to continue training ;
  • enhance protein synthesis; and
  • may increase muscle fibre growth if combined with the appropriate resistance training programme.
Additionally, creatine monohydrate has been shown to enhance the effects of a protein-carbohydrate mix. Most studies on creatine have advocated a ‘loading phase’ at the beginning of creatine supplementation. This comprises of approximately 5g taken 4 times per day for about 1 week followed by 3-5g/day thereafter. This has been shown to increase muscle creatine and phosphocreatine stores by anywhere between 10-40% although further research needs to be conducted to determine if this supplementation protocol needs to be ‘cycled’ (a process of returning to a loading phase for 3-5 days every 3-4 weeks and then a washout period).
Beta-alanine (BA)
BA has been shown to be effective in increasing intramuscular carnosine concentrations. Carnosine is an important muscle buffer during high intensity exercise which may be vital in delaying neuromuscular fatigue and has been shown to help increase training volumes and lower subjective feelings of fatigue in American Footballers performing a series of anaerobic performance measures. In English, this means that it ‘neutralises’ the acid build up in muscles (the burning feeling that makes us reduce our exercise intensity).
Additionally, BA has been shown to produce positive performance effects when combined with creatine supplementation. Whilst the optimal dosage of BA is still yet to be determined, positive results from previous research suggests between 4.5 and 6g per day.
In short, the main effect of both creatine and BA is that they enable you to complete more work, which in turn makes you stronger. But remember, they won’t make you stronger on their own!
Next time I thought I’d write about how to build powerful getaway sticks. If you don’t know what getaway sticks are at the moment, you will this time next week.

Until then, stay robust, amigos!

David Joyce
Injury and Performance Consultant at Galatasaray FC. Holds a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and lectures on the MSc in Sports Physio course at the University of Bath.

Articles and Downloads

Andrew Hamilton looks at Beta-Alanine and its ability to create lean muscle gain and body fat loss.
Ron Maughan and Andrew Hamilton look at emerging evidence for the possible benefits of two naturally occurring compounds – quercetin and beta-alanine, both of which are attracting attention from researchers in the field of sports nutrition.
Sports nutrition: are protein drinks effective in boosting sports performance?
New research suggests that there’s less evidence for adding protein to carbohydrate than many would have us believe.

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Anonim spunea...
Thanks for one's marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you're a great author.
I will make sure to bookmark your blog and will come back at some point.
I want to encourage yourself to continue your great posts, have a nice evening!
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

.... 'batranii' nu mai trebe luati in seama .....

 a 2-a zi de Craciun, seara, am fost si noi in Parcul Herastrau....; lumini, beculete, tot era scanteietor..., mai putin 'saracu' nostru 'Arc de Triumf" - aflat in BEZNA si parca asta se potriveste cu existenta noastra, cea adevarata...;

Eminescu, singur, is asteapta 'ziua de nastere'. oare nu i-o pare rau...?

"Ceasul' sta sa 'bata', in fatza Arcului, ora 'Reinvierii".....